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These are the Java tools in the the toolbox that put the OpenAPI specification to work.

Swagger JS
Javascript library to connect to swagger-enabled APIs via browser or nodejs

Swagger UI
Swagger UI is a dependency-free collection of HTML, Javascript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API.

Swagger Validator Badge
This project shows a "valid swagger" badge on your site. There is an online version hosted on You can also pull a docker image of the validator directly from DockerHub.

Swagger Tools
A Node.js and browser module that provides tooling around Swagger.

Swagger Editor
Swagger Editor lets you edit Swagger API specifications in YAML inside your browser and to preview documentations in real time.

Swagger Core
Examples and server integrations for generating the Swagger API Specification, which enables easy access to your REST AP

Swagger Parser
Swagger Spec to Java POJOs

Swagger Codegen
swagger-codegen contains a template-driven engine to generate documentation, API clients and server stubs in different languages by parsing your OpenAPI / Swagger definition.

Swagger Node
Swagger module for node.js

HAPI Swagger
A Swagger interface for HAPI

Automated JSON API documentation for API's built with Spring

Swagger Maven Plugin
This plugin enables your Swagger-annotated project to generate Swagger specs and customizable, templated static documents during the maven build phase.

Swaggerize Express
swaggerize-express is a design-driven approach to building RESTful apis with Swagger and Express.

Swaggerize HAPI
Design-driven apis with swagger 2.0 and hapi.

Spectacle generates beautiful static HTML5 documentation from OpenAPI/Swagger 2.0 API specifications.

LucyBot API Console
We utilize OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) to generate both static documentation and an interactive API console.

This project is forkable using the Github repository, and accessible as JSON. If you have a tool you think should be added, or there is something that needs fixing, you can submit an issue on the Github repository, or submit a pull request.

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